Hi, my name is Janet. Everyone has a story, and this is mine…

My husband, Tommy, and I have two daughters, E.V. and Tammy.  They’re both married and each has a son.  Our oldest daughter, E.V. married Donovan and they had Pierce, our first grandson, 4 years ago.   He was 6 weeks premature and stayed in the NICU for 2 weeks when he was born.   For the next 2 years, he was in and out of the hospital numerous times.  My heart broke each and every time I went to the hospital and saw him and other children dressed in those cold, wrinkled cotton hospital gowns or their own sleepers with the arms or feet cut out.  I wanted to do something to provide them with the comfort of home and felt like I could help by creating clothing that was warm and soft and more like their very own.  I knew it had to be something they could easily put on and take off without having to remove IV’s and catheters.  Everyone loves to see their loved ones in cute, comfortable clothing even when they’re in the hospital.

Well, life happens, and before I was able to finish my designs, Pierce, to our delight, was spending less and less time in the hospital (yay!).  Even though he wasn’t able to benefit from Snappy Stitch clothing, I knew many others could.  My husband and daughters encouraged me to continue working on completing my mission.  About two years ago, when I had to have some scheduled surgery, I decided to make myself a couple of outfits that I could wear in the hospital.  The nurses saw them and thought it was a great idea. 

In 2016, our younger daughter, Tammy (married to Jeremy) gave birth to our second grandson, Westley.  Who would have thought that he too would have been in the NICU?  He was only in for a few days, but that was enough!  If Westley would have had a Snappy Stitch outfit, he could have worn it while there.  Everyone wants a newborn picture, but it’s hard to put regular newborn clothing on with IV’s and other tubing.  At 6 months old, Westley had to undergo surgery and spent 4 days in the hospital.  I was happy to provide him with cute, comfortable clothing to wear during his stay that also worked with his IV and catheter.

So, Snappy Stitch has become somewhat of a family affair. I’d like to thank my husband and daughters who have helped me every step of the way with their business and marketing knowledge and all their wonderful ideas. And, a big thank you to their husbands for all their work and support.

I pray that your loved ones will always be healthy and never need Snappy Stitch clothing. However, if you find that they do; hopefully, it will make your life just a little bit easier and less stressful.

God bless you!

Janet Wall